Hey guys! I finally had the time to finish this tut. This has been in my drafts for like a week or two. Anyway, if you have been following me since ‘cezkiethh.tumblr.com’ days, you’ll notice that my gifs have improved soooo much. From gif ninja days, to gif converter, to photoscape and finally, photoshop! XD So without further ado, let’s start learning how to make gifs! (Sorry for my poor English)

Things you’ll need:

  1. Photoshop (I use PS CS5 and here’s the download link: x or x)
  2. Quicktime Player (download)
  3. Of course, your video, in MP4 or MOV file, preferably.
  4. Lots of PSDs if you don’t know how to ‘color’ yet. I have here 4 PSDs I made myself. (download)
  5. Sharpening action (with tutorial how to install actions)

Okay, so the first step is to open Photoshop. Before anything else, remember to always keep the “Animation”, “Layers” and “Tools” windows open. Go to Window > (check the Animation, Layers and Tools. You’ll need them.

Find your video and open it by going to “File > Import > Video Frames to Layers”. Navigate to your video.

This window will pop up. 

Now, this is where you’re going to select the scenes you want to make gifs out of. This is usually my settings. To select the video segment, hold down your shift key while pressing the play button. Press OK.

Once you’ve done that,  This is the preview of the animations window. You can preview your gifs here by clicking the play button in the bottom left corner. You can delete some unwanted frames in the latter part but please don’t delete the frames in the first and middle parts YET. Otherwise, when you sharpen it, it will stop.

You can either proceed to the next step or open the PSD I asked you to download. You can do this later but I usually open it before doing anything else. You can find it in your Downloads folder.

Now, when cropping the gif, click the Crop Tool in the toolbar and set your desired gif size in the pixel dimensions in the top bar.

Crop the photo to the exact frame size you want! Use your mouse to select the part of the picture you want to keep.

Now, let’s deal with the speed/time of the gif. This allows you to change the speed of each frame so it won’t look like it’s running rather fast or slow. To do this, click that button in the Animations Window which I circled in red. Click Select All Frames. 

I normally choose all frames and give them ‘0.1 secs’

Click enter. Preview of your gif. You can check your speed by pressing play to see if you like it that way, or you can change the delay again if deemed necessary. This is the one I was making. Boring, right?

For the most fun part (for me~), we can now give life to our gifs by editing them. The first thing I do is to sharpen it. Go to the first frame. Click the ‘Actions’ toolbar, select the Sharpening action and press play.

This is now how the gif looks like after sharpening it. Better, yes?

Remember, I asked you to open the PSDs I made? Let us now apply them~ Drag the PSD window in your work space for easier access.

NOTE: Make sure that you’re on the first frame and that you selected all frames.

Click on the PSD window and pick one PSD (you can choose another PSD by doing the same steps if you don’t like the output). Drag the folder to the gif you’re working on like in the image below.

Comparison~ yikes

If you are satisfied with the result, you can now save it! “Alt+Shift+Ctrl S” is the key. Or you can go to File > Save for Web & Devices. Make sure it’s not over 1000K or else it won’t work when you upload it on tumblr. Follow my settings.

Tadda! After the super heavy text post, this is the end result! This tutorial may appear to be complicated but once you’ve become familiar with the steps, you’ll enjoy making more! It’s actually not that hard to make compared to doing graphics. I hope this tutorial helps you. Good luck! Will love it to see more S.H.E gifs in the thread! :) If you experience some difficulties or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, okay?

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