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Anonymous asked: where i can find the she doll like people holding in BTS video

I reviewed the BTS but couldnt find it. Sorryyy. Can you be more specific? D:


S.H.E’s 13th birthday is in 2 weeks’ time and I still have no definite plan on how I should celebrate it ;A; if you’ve been following me for quite some time now, you’ll know that my greetings to them are all relayed through tumblr posts because that’s the only way I can express the love I have for them in long wordy posts (and then i’ll link it to them, hoping they would take a peek at it). For the past few years, it’s just me and my never-ending love that I post about on my blog and I was thinking of breaking the usual by including other fans’ thoughts about them. But then again, I haven’t thought of ‘cool post ideas’ that can satisfy what I desire to do this year and I don’t think something cool will ever cross my mind in a span of 2 weeks because it’s midterm exams week so…
/Rant ends/ oh, any suggestions? :3

EDIT: NO WAY. I CANT BELIEVE I THOUGHT OF A GREAT BLOG IDEA FOR S.H.E’S 13TH BIRTHDAY WHILE BATHING HAHAHAHA IM SO CUTE jkkk i’m so excited!!! I hope I’ll be able to execute it properly and it will involve YOU!!! :) Letting some of you guys know what i’m up to and i hope you’ll like it and will cooperate ^^

EDIT2: Just summing up the efforts i’ll put into this proj makes me wanna give up T.T we’ll see what will happen in the next days big sigh

Anonymous asked: My 2gether 4ever concert DVD came!!! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! I opened it and i swear angels came out singing and flowers just starts to sprout everywhere. Now I just need a a day when no one is home so I can watch it in the living room on the big tv instead of my small computer screen but oooohhh so perfect!

Yayy that’s awesome! ^^ I agree. 2gether 4ever concert, as i have expected from day 1, is spectacular! I kind of regreted that i watched all the fancams i found on youtube cos nothing came out as a surprise to me anm XD the bts tho… i watched it when everyone else at home is asleep because i was warned that i might cry bucket of tears from watching it and really, i did. The BTS, compared to SHEITO’s, is more moving and i always get emotionally attached over videos that touched me so there, i think i’ve rewatched it over 3 times already ♡ 😁😁😁

Place your hand on me; you will find the love I did not tell. Whatever I hide behind the silence, you will sense it. I place my hand on you, to find you also have pain to hide. Whatever you hide behind the smile, I will bear it with you.

megicalstars asked: Hey hey!! :D Any idea who nominated Ella? (: I know Kiki nominated Selina and Na Dou nominated Hebe!

According to a friend, Yani Tseng did :)

Because at that time, I just candidly told them what’s in my heart, and Selina was even a little angry. She thought, how could I say something like this. “You are our team’s big sister. If you fall down, then what are we supposed to do?” So at that time, I felt.. Only then did I realize that in their hearts, I’m in a very important position. I told myself, I can’t fall down. I should be even stronger instead. [BTS]

Hebe and Vanness in 《熱情》
Anonymous asked: Is the new upcoming show Ella's going to be involve in a drama show or a movie?

I think it’s a drama.. or not. Idk. The translations are kind of weird :<

S.H.E 2gether 4ever BTS

S.H.E 2GETHER 4EVER BTS (with English subs)

^^^ ♡♡♡♡ thank you anon clover for this!!!
Anonymous asked: wow, your tumblr is gorgeous, i think i'll be visiting often. recently started to sub some of their material and was wondering if you could help me get this out to more she fans, their bts doc of their recent tour, /watch?v=dmZs3HGjmdc

Thanks sweetie! 😉 and WOW THIS IS GREAT NEWS. Been waiting for fans to voluntarily sub S.H.E’s videos :D and yes sure! :)

Anonymous asked: Could you create a list of KJK's variety appearances, other than ones in which was a permanent member or guest? It woukd be ao helpful and great appreciated :)


Anonymous asked: Where is the fastest place to watch the most recent episodes of Running Man with subs?

Sorry, you asked the wrong person.