megicalstars asked: Hey hey!! :D Any idea who nominated Ella? (: I know Kiki nominated Selina and Na Dou nominated Hebe!

According to a friend, Yani Tseng did :)

Because at that time, I just candidly told them what’s in my heart, and Selina was even a little angry. She thought, how could I say something like this. “You are our team’s big sister. If you fall down, then what are we supposed to do?” So at that time, I felt.. Only then did I realize that in their hearts, I’m in a very important position. I told myself, I can’t fall down. I should be even stronger instead. [BTS]

Hebe and Vanness in 《熱情》
Anonymous asked: Is the new upcoming show Ella's going to be involve in a drama show or a movie?

I think it’s a drama.. or not. Idk. The translations are kind of weird :<

S.H.E 2gether 4ever BTS

S.H.E 2GETHER 4EVER BTS (with English subs)

^^^ ♡♡♡♡ thank you anon clover for this!!!
Anonymous asked: wow, your tumblr is gorgeous, i think i'll be visiting often. recently started to sub some of their material and was wondering if you could help me get this out to more she fans, their bts doc of their recent tour, /watch?v=dmZs3HGjmdc

Thanks sweetie! 😉 and WOW THIS IS GREAT NEWS. Been waiting for fans to voluntarily sub S.H.E’s videos :D and yes sure! :)

Anonymous asked: Could you create a list of KJK's variety appearances, other than ones in which was a permanent member or guest? It woukd be ao helpful and great appreciated :)


Anonymous asked: Where is the fastest place to watch the most recent episodes of Running Man with subs?

Sorry, you asked the wrong person.


Anonymous asked: woah, hebe is recently filming many micro movies, i hope her acting improves. in fact i always find that she acts well. and i also hope people get to know her more, like that we'll have a BIG BIG POPULATION OF HEBE FANS, yeahh! <3


Micro movies I think is the best for her. She isn’t interested in acting as much but at least in micro movies we get to see her act. I love seeing her act so much and I want Hebe to be more well known!


Anonymous asked: Did Ella ever replied any of your other messages (those you said you randomly sent to know someone adores her), like a word of thanks or smth? Or she just wished you happy bday only? But still so lucky omg

Ahh that, nope. She just sent me birthday greetings and once reposted my weibo post.

Anonymous asked: Did Selina and Hebe wished you a happy birthday too? :)

Nope. Not yet. I believe they will someday! Haha

Anonymous asked: Have you ever posted on Ella's official fb wall or commented very frequently on every of her post, or you just click like for all her posts? So lucky she wished you happy bday!

I always like her posts but I don’t comment on each of them. I casually send her messages too for her to know that someone from Philippines adores her a lot! :)