→  Happy 13th Anniversary, S.H.E!

of course, my favorite

Screencap Meme → Never say goodbye (不說再見 ) « S.H.E

Happy 13th anniversary, S.H.E!


Happy 13th Birthday~~

S.H.E show their individual personality on their self designed tees for 2014 VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out in Taipei


S.H.E - 城裡的月光 (from 2gether 4ever encore concert in Taipei Arena) 

This song is just so beautiful. The harmonization is perfect as always.
I can’t believe they’ve been together for 13 years already. It is absolutely incredible. Happy 13th Anniversary S.H.E!!! 09.11.14 This is such a suitable song for the mid-autumn festival.~

Anonymous asked: Hi, I read an article that Ella is going to work on her new album in Dec. Is that true? :D Any idea where to get moe info on this? I dont seem to know much updates despite following them on weibo and fb

um, idts bb ;A; it’s S who is going to work on a solo album to be released before 2014 ends (and has actually started). E will be expanding her acting career this year tho.

My Queens

Anonymous asked: where i can find the she doll like people holding in BTS video

I reviewed the BTS but couldnt find it. Sorryyy. Can you be more specific? D:


S.H.E’s 13th birthday is in 2 weeks’ time and I still have no definite plan on how I should celebrate it ;A; if you’ve been following me for quite some time now, you’ll know that my greetings to them are all relayed through tumblr posts because that’s the only way I can express the love I have for them in long wordy posts (and then i’ll link it to them, hoping they would take a peek at it). For the past few years, it’s just me and my never-ending love that I post about on my blog and I was thinking of breaking the usual by including other fans’ thoughts about them. But then again, I haven’t thought of ‘cool post ideas’ that can satisfy what I desire to do this year and I don’t think something cool will ever cross my mind in a span of 2 weeks because it’s midterm exams week so…
/Rant ends/ oh, any suggestions? :3

EDIT: NO WAY. I CANT BELIEVE I THOUGHT OF A GREAT BLOG IDEA FOR S.H.E’S 13TH BIRTHDAY WHILE BATHING HAHAHAHA IM SO CUTE jkkk i’m so excited!!! I hope I’ll be able to execute it properly and it will involve YOU!!! :) Letting some of you guys know what i’m up to and i hope you’ll like it and will cooperate ^^

EDIT2: Just summing up the efforts i’ll put into this proj makes me wanna give up T.T we’ll see what will happen in the next days big sigh

Anonymous asked: My 2gether 4ever concert DVD came!!! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! I opened it and i swear angels came out singing and flowers just starts to sprout everywhere. Now I just need a a day when no one is home so I can watch it in the living room on the big tv instead of my small computer screen but oooohhh so perfect!

Yayy that’s awesome! ^^ I agree. 2gether 4ever concert, as i have expected from day 1, is spectacular! I kind of regreted that i watched all the fancams i found on youtube cos nothing came out as a surprise to me anm XD the bts tho… i watched it when everyone else at home is asleep because i was warned that i might cry bucket of tears from watching it and really, i did. The BTS, compared to SHEITO’s, is more moving and i always get emotionally attached over videos that touched me so there, i think i’ve rewatched it over 3 times already ♡ 😁😁😁

Place your hand on me; you will find the love I did not tell. Whatever I hide behind the silence, you will sense it. I place my hand on you, to find you also have pain to hide. Whatever you hide behind the smile, I will bear it with you.

megicalstars asked: Hey hey!! :D Any idea who nominated Ella? (: I know Kiki nominated Selina and Na Dou nominated Hebe!

According to a friend, Yani Tseng did :)