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S.H.E's Selina Jen Still Insecure Of Appearance After Extreme Burns 4 Years Ago→


S.H.E member Selina Jen opened up about her continued insecurities regarding her appearance after suffering from extreme burns throughout her body 4 years ago.

"I didn’t used to think I wasn’t attractive before, but now I no longer feel sexually attractive…I was never a great beauty, but…

Anonymous asked: do you have links to s.h.e's Weibo? :)

Yep! It’s in the LINKS page :)


Selina Weibo: 抱歉無法在十月(也就是我口中的“birthday month”歌迷口中的“家萱月”)發行專輯…得延後啦!為了補償大家,我先偷放一張錄音時的工作照給大家聞香.我真的很感謝@林俊杰 ,他讓我非常感動….喔!我只能講到這裡了,不要再問我,我也無法透露更多了,專輯完成時再跟你們大講特講囉~

Translate: Really sorry that I am unable to release my album in October(a.k.a “birthday month” or “Selina month”)… i have to delay it! To compensate for everyone, I am secretly posting a picture from my recording studio. I’m really thankful for JJ Lin, I’m very touched my him! I can only say up to here, don’t ask me anymore, i am unable to expose anymore , when I am finished with the album I will tell everyone~ 

Title: 真的我
Artist: Ella Chen
Played: 236 times


陈嘉桦 — 真的我

化迷人的妝 打扮漂亮 笑的落落大方
誰都不勉強 去開彼此的窗
粉飾的傷疤 看過去美得像一幅畫
不歡迎批判 只求你的嚮往

你對我欣賞 這種欣賞 來自什麼遐想
不用太追究 也能欣喜若狂
倘若不遮掩 是不是還惹你喜歡
有時候真相 見了光容易死亡

Anonymous asked: Apart from wishing you a happy birthday, has Ella replied any of your fb messages/comments? :)

Fb, nope. The chance of Ella replying to my messages/comments is low because I don’t really send them (S.H.E) messages unless there’s a really big event or when I’m having incurable S.H.E withdrawals. Hahaha but she did repost one of my weibo posts before :D

Selina on Celebrity Chief (17/09/14)

→  Happy 13th Anniversary, S.H.E!

of course, my favorite

Screencap Meme → Never say goodbye (不說再見 ) « S.H.E

Happy 13th anniversary, S.H.E!


Happy 13th Birthday~~

S.H.E show their individual personality on their self designed tees for 2014 VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out in Taipei


S.H.E - 城裡的月光 (from 2gether 4ever encore concert in Taipei Arena) 

This song is just so beautiful. The harmonization is perfect as always.
I can’t believe they’ve been together for 13 years already. It is absolutely incredible. Happy 13th Anniversary S.H.E!!! 09.11.14 This is such a suitable song for the mid-autumn festival.~

Anonymous asked: Hi, I read an article that Ella is going to work on her new album in Dec. Is that true? :D Any idea where to get moe info on this? I dont seem to know much updates despite following them on weibo and fb

um, idts bb ;A; it’s S who is going to work on a solo album to be released before 2014 ends (and has actually started). E will be expanding her acting career this year tho.